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Glossitis is a problem in which the tongue is swollen and changes color, often making the surface of the tongue appear smooth. Geographic tongue [01-01049] is a type of glossitis.

Glossitis is often a symptom of other conditions, such as: At times, glossitis may be passed down in families.

Symptoms of glossitis may come on quickly or develop over time. They include: Rare symptoms or problems include
Exams and Tests
Your dentist or health care provider will do an exam to look for: The health care provider may ask questions about your health history and lifestyle to help discover the cause of tongue inflammation.

You may need blood tests may be done to rule out other medical problems.

The goal of treatment is to reduce swelling and soreness. Most people do not need to go to the hospital unless the tongue is very swollen. Treatment may include:
Outlook (Prognosis)
Glossitis goes away with if the cause of problem is removed or treated.

When to Contact a Medical Professional
Call your health care provider if: Get emergency care right away if tongue swelling blocks the airway.

Good oral care (thorough tooth brushing and flossing and regular dental checkups) may help prevent glossitis.

Alternative Names
Tongue inflammation; Tongue infection; Smooth tongue; Glossodynia; Burning tongue syndrome

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Update Date: 3/22/2013
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