Hemovac drain

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What to Expect at Home
A Hemovac drain was placed under your skin during surgery. This drain removes any blood or other fluids that might build up in this area. You can go home with the drain still in place.

Your nurse will tell you how often you need to empty the drain. You will also be shown how to empty and take care of your drain. The following instructions will help you at home. If you have questions, ask your doctor or nurse.

Emptying Your Drain
Items you will need are: To empty your drain:
Changing Your Dressing
A dressing may be covering your drain. If not, keep the area around the drain clean with soapy water, when you are in the shower or during a sponge bath. Ask your nurse if you are allowed to shower with the drain in place.

Items you will need are: To change the dressing:
When to Call the Doctor
Call your doctor if:
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Update Date: 4/9/2014
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